Complex Contested Divorce

Complex Contested Divorce

Marriage dissolution cases do not always go uncontested. Many divorces are complicated and the courts may not agree to issue a decree of dissolution until all key terms have been resolved, including issues relating to child custody, child support, alimony, and property and debt division.

Courts are often responsible for resolving child support issues in most contested divorces. The court may also step in to establish child custody and visitation rights. One spouse may be required to pay the other spouse alimony, or spousal support, on a temporary or permanent basis. These types of issues can be difficult to resolve and often require the experience of a reputable Scottsdale divorce attorney.

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Choosing a Scottsdale divorce attorney is not always easy. JacksonWhite Family Law offers reliable family law legal services to help you navigate emotionally- and financially-draining divorce cases. When going through the divorce process, you need the right legal counsel in your corner to protect your interests. Our team of legal professionals will help you reach a satisfactory outcome while minimizing the stresses of divorce.


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